Webbuilt4u Does Search Marketing

Talk to us about search marketing - we have a department of search marketing professionals who would love to talk to you about starting and running a Google AdWords or other PPC (pay per click) programmes. We'll explain, walk you through all of the options, and advise on the most effective use of your search marketing budget.

At Webbuilt4u we believe in search marketing that create effective results. Whether this is increased click through rate, reduced cost per click, more business or better targeted traffic will often depend on customer's needs. We have a dedicated team of Google Adwords qualified technical staff as well as Google Adwords qualified customer service representatives to help your campaigns progress.

We like to take a case by case and customer per customer approach always understanding that every business we deal with has different needs and objectives.

We are always looking for ways to improve and give the customers more and feel a two-way relationship is the best way to get the most out of SEM campaigns. The more feedback and tracking that is used within search marketing, the better results will be and establishing long term relationships with valued customers has been the key to our success.