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Analysing Search Campaigns

As the manager of a department at Webbuilt4u running small to medium business pay per click campaigns I will be providing opinions, ideas, hints and tips on google adwords and general online marketing. Having seen hundreds of google campaigns in different industries and business sizes it always amazes me the different ways I see campaigns set up and run. Within PPC there doesn’t stand a universal best way to do things. Google recommends things that are best practices however, campaigns can be effective in many different ways and who is to say that their approach works best.

There are obviously some things that clearly don't work and I am a massive advocate that tracking and monitoring what happens to the clicks is the only way to gauge whether your pay per click campaign has been successful or not. If you are paying for a click surely you want to know exactly what has happened to that user once they click rather than just accepting it as another visit to your site. Without some kind of analytics or tracking package or system, is it really worth doing pay per click? Some businesses just look at stat counters or overall revenue but is this enough? What can often happen is natural traffic can drive all your business and create a highly profitable company. A company may then invest heavily in PPC thinking all their online marketing is working. They may then be paying for clicks that aren’t working. If you manage to get to the top of a high volume keyword on the natural rankings it may be unprofitable to also have it on pay per click as you pay for the many clicks that come from a highly searched word. It can also work the other way where all the profitable clicks and traffic come from paid listings. If you haven't separated the traffic out and tracked what clicks are coming from where and what is driving the profitable clicks then you will never know where you should be investing and what keywords to invest in for both paid and natural traffic.

Google offers many tools to help track what clicks are coming from where including analytics and conversion tracking and there are also many third party packages that provide excellent indepth stats to help with your online marketing campaigns. I have personally experience in IndexTools but there are many others such as whoson, intellitracker, omniture – just type in web analytics or similar in google and you will see the vast range of products now on offer.

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