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Interested in exploring what social media can do for your business? We can help with online brand management, facilitate conversations with your customers, and maybe even help you create a little buzz of your own!

Social Media Etiquette from Webbuilt4u

Social Media Etiquette

We're all used to marketing ourselves and our businesses. We send out flyers and rich mails, we make cold calls, we talk to a lot of people in hopes of finding a potential customer. Promoting your business via social networking sites and online forums, however, requires joining a conversation. None of us want to be the boor at the party! Sometimes it involves learning to listen, rather than just talk, giving advice rather than selling.

Contribute to the conversation
No one wants to talk to someone who only wants to talk about themselves - and you'll find that they're not shy about saying so in online forums! Learn to contribute advice, a different point of view, and help those who are looking for information in your field. By doing so, you'll promote your business without actively working to sell your product. Become a trusted advisor.

Online Communities

Online Communities

Online communities in your field of interest are a great place to introduce yourself. Again, never forget the etiquette of participating in online communities, or you'll hurt yourself more than help.

Provide expert advice One of the best ways of initiating a dialogue with customers, and gaining valuable links in the process, is to freely offer articles, advice and information on a subject that you know a lot about - your field of expertise. This can either be on your site, or on an outside site that you will use as a open community and information resource. Community building tools like Ning are perfect for this, as are information sites such as Squidoo. Link back to your site - it's allowed!

Social Media Sites and Links from Webbuilt4u

Get Involved: Links

The sites below are good places to start getting involved in social networking and social media. Start a personal Facebook profile, and then build a page for your business. Build a community on Ning. Network and help your career with Linkedin. Build a following on Twitter. Share knowledge on Squidoo. And the list goes on - experiment and find new markets!