Webbuilt4u Does Blended Search

What is blended, vertical or as it’s sometimes known universal search, and why should all webmasters pay attention to it? The article below will explain why it's something that you should be thinking about.

Blended Search: Extending Visibility

If you’re a webmaster and your trying to get your website content in the top results of Google then this is a must read. The information given in this entry has been around the internet for nearly two years but very few webmasters have taken any notice of it, mainly because they don’t understand it and don’t know how to implement it.

The best way to explain blended search is to show you. Type "iphone" into Google and take a look at the results.

You will notice in two places on the results page where blended search results appear. They have images and a video in the results and Google news results all showing in the organic listings.

Google are changing the way they serve searchers results and if you want to be in the top ten then you need to change your approach. In the past webmasters have concentrated on creating optimised textual content for their WebPages, but now webmasters must start to understand that Google has over 2 billion webpages in its database and needs to find the best of the best content for end users or as a search engine it will fade away. Google’s end users require up-to-date accurate, informative, useful and fresh content.

So how do you get your content into blended search? Let’s take a closer look at the content Google is capable of delivering into your browser. Most webmasters don’t really see the whole picture when they look at Google’s search page, Google actually delivers over nine different forms of content for those who need it.

Web Search Results

The first category is Web. This is the one we are all fixated on, textual web content reflecting the text on your web pages. But there are four other important categories on the page that are part of blended search that you can play a part in that will influence your results in Google’s organic results. Video and YouTubeLet’s start with Google YouTube. Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 Billion just 18 months after YouTube came into existence. Why? Simply because Google recognised that YouTube was showing explosive growth and that a much clearer message can be delivered to the end users browser using video than by using text. YouTube has the ability to allow the creator of the content to add keywords to the video to target its audience.

Image Search Results

The images database is a collection of correctly indexed pictures that have accurate descriptions and reflect images that exist on webmasters web pages.

News Results

Perhaps the most important category, Google is trying to become the world’s number one source of real-time news. Getting ahead of the BBC and CNN is a major project for Google and its crawlers are hard at work creating a second by second updated news stream that is available to all who want or need to be kept up to date.

Now you make a decision! Do I really have the commitment to learn all this stuff and action it? I value my content enough and believe in it enough to make the effort to produce content in all these categories and more? Or do I just give up the quest and rely on pay per click to deliver clients to my web site?